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Introducing the Tahiti Tide Crystal Waist Bead Set – a powerful tool for spiritual detoxification and transformation. If you're seeking peace of mind and a boost to your mental clarity, this waist bead set is for you.


The Tahiti Tide work to soothe, heal, stimulate, recharge, and align your 7 main chakras. This directs energy to where it is needed most, promoting truth and forgiveness. By purifying your mind body and spirit of any doubts, fears and anger, the Tahiti Tide makes it highly effective for affirmations , visualization, meditation and projection. It is also an excellent talisman for discerning divine wisdom and connecting to the heavenly realm.


So if you're looking for a way to cleanse your energy and harness the power of the Tahitian tide, don't wait any longer – order your own Crystal Waist Bead Set today!

Tahiti Tide Crystal Waist Bead Set

PriceFrom $95.20


    • 4 elastic waist beads on separate clasp 
    • Gold accents and Charms 
    • Matching anklet 

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