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Discover the magic of rolling with the Jade Rolling Set! Roll like a powerful enchantress with this spectacular set that's perfect for dabbing and grinding.


Inside, you will find all you need to keep your weed fresh, grind it up, and roll it in style--all made from Eco Resin and topped with genuine jade healing crystals. These crystals aren't just decorative--they can help balance emotions and spread good vibes throughout your smoking ritual. With our Jade Rolling Set, you get a stash jar, grinder, rolling tray, and ash tray so you have everything you need for rolling at an arm’s reach. Experience the power of emotion-balancing jade energy while creating beautiful joints! 


Make smoking magical with the Jade Rolling Set today.

Jade Rolling Set



    1.  (1) Grinder 
    2. (1) Ash Tray 
    3. (1) Rolling Tray 
    4. (1) Stash Jar 


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