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Let your wild femininity shine through with our Berry Wild Crystal Waist Bead Set.


Now you can break free from uncertainty and spark your inner confidence with a mesmerizing accessory designed to help you reach your highest potential.Each of these vibrant waist beads represent the power to sustain and support during times of stress, offering peace and wholeness in your decision-making processes.


Moreover, they’re full of versatility – encouraging you to accept change and push forward with new vigor. Ultimately, these waist beads will bring out the fearlessness that exists within you, allowing you to take control of life’s destiny and not back down from any challenge.


This sparkling set promotes enthusiasm along with awakening a newfound lust for life. It also helps to sharpen your intuition - that wise inner voice that only knows – guiding you to navigate the path ahead with grace and assurance. Each bead contains its own magical energy that brings balance, joy and clarity when embraced.


Whether it's time for a new venture or milestone in your current journey, this stunning waist bead set is perfect for unlocking the vivacious spirit within all of us! Get ready for endless possibilities as boldness replaces discretion!

Berry Wild

PriceFrom $75.65


    • 3 elastic waist beads on separate clasp 
    • Gold accents and Charms 

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