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Citrine Rolling Set - The perfect way to enjoy your favorite herbs!

This beautiful set comes with a grinder, stash jar, ash tray and rolling tray, each piece handcrafted and topped with citrine stones. The citrine crystal is known for its ability to promote success, abundance and good fortune, so let the magic of this set fill your space with warmth and light.


The grinder is perfect for evenly grinding your herbs, while the stash jar keeps them fresh and potent. The rolling tray ensures a smooth, even roll every time, and the ash tray catches any stray bits.


This is the perfect set for anyone who wants to enjoy their herbs in style!

Citrine Rolling Set



    1.  (1) Grinder 
    2. (1) Ash Tray 
    3. (1) Rolling Tray 
    4. (1) Stash Jar 


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