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Crystal Body Chains


Waist magic was created to empower everyday woman of all shapes, sizes and skin tones. Our waist beads are designed not only to make you feel sexy and self-confident but to also remind you of your own personal growth and self-love goals. The crystals and stones used throughout the designs all have healing and energy altering properties to help balance and align your chakras. Our waist beads are super fun way to keep your crystals on at all times, providing you with a warm embrace of additional support and protection throughout the day.

Waist Beads for woman empowerment and self love


Our mission is to use our magic to

Embrace woman of all kinds by aiding them on their journey to self-love and spiritual enlightenment. 

Empower woman of all shapes & sizes by adorning their bodies to boost their self confidence  


Embolden woman around the world with the power to unlock the divine feminine energy they already possess within and awaken their inner goddess. 

Meet The Owner 


To create beautiful eye-catching body jewelry that celebrates, heals and boost the confidence of woman of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. 

Crystal waist beads for all sizes

My Story

Hey everyone, my name is Megan, the creator of Magic by Megan, and here is my story. 

I started making jewelry when I was about 7 years old and started my very first business selling friendship bracelets to my second-grade classmates. My very first job was at Michaels arts and crafts where I quickly learned how to paint and began selling my paintings online at the age of 20. I guess you can say I've always had a flare for design, passion for creating and the tenacity to follow my dreams. 

However, like most of us navigating the world in our early 20's I began to lose sight of what truly fulfilled my heart and decided to go the corporate route for more stability. While in corporate America I thrived at a range of different occupations from technical support to claims adjusting and even sales for various fortune 50 companies. Although I was quickly moving up the corporate ladder and gaining success it seemed that no matter what company I worked for, no matter how I excelled at the career and no matter how much money I was making, nothing seemed to make me happy. Before you know it, I had spent about 7 seven in corporate America that sucked all of the creativity, passion and zest for life right out of me. This left me depressed, lost and constantly feeling unfulfilled which of course took a toll on my art. 

After a 7-year hiatus of not creating ANYTHING at all, I decided to make something that I had no idea would change my life forever. In 2020 I decided to create my very first set of waist beads. Now, I had no intentions on selling these beads. All I wanted was to create beautiful, removable, crystal waist beads and I could not find a company that made them the way I envisioned. The very first set that created is our "Tropical Sunset" 4 piece which is still one of our BEST SELLERS. I created this set with my sacral chakra in mind because the sacral chakra is your creative chakra, and I desperately wanted to find my creative spark again. I adorned my waist beads with healing crystals/stones that worked directly with my sacral chakra to help unblock my creative energy and help me rediscover myself.


I was so proud of my work when it was completed that I posted a video online and has inboxes about orders within the hour. After about 2 weeks of taking custom orders, I found that the more I created the less interest I had with my 9-5 job. It was becoming clear to me that I had to make a choice between comfort and stability or Passion and adventure. So, on March 15, 2020, With ONLY $100 in my bank account I made the decision with my heart NOT my mind, quit my job and the rest is history. 

This journey has been amazing so far and I can't tell you how grateful I am to everyone who has been a part of it. I'm here to tell you that dreams do come true, but it starts with choosing yourself. 

From the bottom of my heart, 

Thank you 

The story behind waist magic
Tropical Sunset Crystal Waist Beads

Shop Megan's Favorites

 All of the waist beads included in this tab were created with my favorite crystals and are in my weekly waist bead rotation. If you are someone who is at the point in their life where you are going through self-discovery and realignment, then like me you will find great comfort in this collection

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