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Frequently Asked Questions About Waist Beads

Why Are Waist Beads Worn?

Waist beads are worn by woman to showcase femininity, promote body awareness, boost self confidence, as a sign of fertility, body adornment and more.  

Who Can Wear Waist Beads?

anyone can wear waist beads. Woman of all colors, shapes and sizes all have the same right to love and appreciate their body through adornment. 
Now more traditional people may say that you have be a woman of color to indulge in the pleasure of adorning your body in waist beads b/c they originate from African Tradition but as long as you show love for the culture, respect the culture, and educate yourself on the meaning behind the tradition then TREAT your self to some waist beads and FEEL the Magic. 

What Are The Benefits of Waist Beads?

Wearing waist beads have the following benefits: 

  • Confidence Boosting 

  • Promoted Femininity 

  • They are made with healing crystals/stones 

  • Chakra Balancing 

  • Pairs great with any bikini/crop top

Care instruction ?


While these beads can stand exposer moderate amounts of water we do NOT saturate beads in water. 
We recommend removing before you shower/bathe. 

All of our waist beads are made with glass seed beads and gold plated brass accent beads. These materials can tarnish/lose color overtime and water can/will expedite that process. 

How to Measure yourself for waistbeads?

  • Grab a fabric tape measure 

  • Wrap the tape measure flat around your natural waist line (about 1 inch above your navel) 

  • Take down the number in which the tape measure overlaps and that's your waist size (inches) 

What is The Meaning of Waist Beads?

Waist Beads are traditional African accessory made for woman as a symbol of womanhood, fertility, sensuality and more. Nowadays waist beads can be used for this and so much more. Some woman wear them just for body adornment but most wear them for more personal reasons. They are a very intimate tool to accompany someone on a self love journey. They make you feel empowered, sexy and embraced at all times.

Are Waist Beads Removable?

Yes, All of our waist beads come on lobster clasp and are all individuals. Meaning you can wear all 4 one day and maybe just 1 the next. We love versatility 

What's so magical about our waist beads?

Each of our waist beads are hand made using chakra balancing crystals and stones. Each set has its own special purpose and is designed to heal, balance and re align your chakras.
On the product page of each set you will see a description of the stones/crystals and a brief description of how the set can benefit you. 
Our sets were designed to help attract love, change, prosperity, peace and more. Choose your set wisely and make sure its energy is the perfect fit for you. 

What Type of Stringing is used?

All of the waist bead sets in our Waist Magic Collection are made with very durable elastic cording. We use elastic because its more comfortable and we believe your waist beads should make you feel beautiful and embraced NOT suffocated and uncomfortable. 

Where are we located ?

We are a black owned business located in Atlanta, GA. 

We do not have a storefront location. All orders are to be placed online. 

Why is The Processing Time 7-14 Business Days?

All of our products are Hand made to the waist measurement you provide when purchasing. This means that we don't have finished products on hand to immediately ship out.  Instead all of our sets are made after your order has been placed.

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Store Policies 

Refund/return policy



Please measure your waist BEFORE you order.

Crystals Repair Policy

If your Crystal Waist Bead or Body Magic jewelry pop or damage within 14 days a return label will be sent via email for you to return the product. Your waist bead will be -repaired and resent within 5-7 business days 

Processing Policy

All orders have a processing time of 7-14 business days Expedited shipping will be available at check out but that does not change the processing time only the time it will take once the post office receives your package 

Final Sale Policy


NO CANCELLATIONS and NO changes to the order once it has been placed. 



14 Day Pop Policy

If one of your beads pop within 14 days of you receiving your set please email customer service and a replacement strand will be sent out within 5 – 7 business days. Please include which strand popped in the email or provide a photo. EXCLUDING the Swarovski Crystal Collection & Body Magic Collection!

Shipping Policy

Shipping speed depends on which option you select at check out. 

We are NOT responsible for packages that are delivered to addresses that are entered incorrect/incomplete. We will NOT refund you if you provide and inaccurate address and the package reads DELIVERED. 

If your package is returned to sender due to an incomplete address, you will be charged and additional fee to cover the cost of reshipping the merchandise. 


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