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Unlock the power of optimism and revive your spirit with the magical Sea Me Glow Crystal Waist Bead Set. This enchanting combination of crystals is the perfect remedy for a spiritual slump; the energy it radiates will fill you with a renewed sense of love, peace, and harmony.


Allow the beads to steady anxious dispositions and soothe self-destructive thoughts while helping you bring balance back into your life. With Sea Me Glow, never again allow yourself to be neglected! Let these crystals empower you—give yourself permission to put yourself first and to step forward as an inventive woman capable of achieving anything.


Rejuvenate every aspect of your being with the Sea Me Glow Crystal Waist Bead Set—the safe place for growth and healing.

Sea Me Glow

PriceFrom $75.65


    • 3 elastic waist beads on separate clasp 
    • Gold accents and Charms 

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