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Looking for a little extra love and support? Or maybe you're ready to start fresh and heal your broken heart? Then our Strawberry Kisses waist bead set is perfect for you! These beautiful beads are infused with loving energy to help you nurture important relationships, forgive yourself, and heal your wounds.


This set is specifically recommended for new mothers struggling with post-partum depression, women who have suffered miscarriages, or anyone who is simply trying to move on from a past hurt. The powerful combination of crystals in this set will provide you with courage, strength, and unconditional love - everything you need to begin the healing process.


So let go of your pain, and open yourself up to the possibilities of love with our Strawberry Kisses waist bead set. You deserve happiness, and these beautiful beads will help lead the way.

Strawberry Kisses

PriceFrom $95.20


    • 4 individual elastic waist beads  
    • Silver accents and Charms 
    • Matching anklet