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Pretty in Pink Crystal Waist Beads

Looking for a little something special to add some extra love and compassion into your life? Our Pretty in Pink Crystal Waist Bead Set is perfect for you! Made with beautiful baby doll pink and white crystals, this set is great for healing old emotional wounds, embracing unconditional love, and strengthening your bond with your partner. We highly recommend this set for anyone looking to find love within themselves, repair broken trust, or heal from a traumatic love life. This set is also great for new and expecting mothers, as it contains a generous amount of Rose Quartz - a stone known for its ability to help curate unbreakable bonds and allow loving energy to flow like a fountain.By wearing this magical set of beads, you'll be opening yourself up to healing energy that will help you find the love you deserve... So why wait?Add a little magic into your life today with our Pretty in Pink Crystal Waist Bead Set!

Pretty in Pink Crystal Waist Beads

PriceFrom $87.20


    • 4 individual elastic waist beads  
    • Silver accents and Charms 
    • Matching anklet 

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