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Ocean Me Crazy Crystal Waist Bead Set

Start your journey to self-discovery with our Ocean Me Crazy waist bead set. This beautiful set contains crystals that have been used for centuries to channel the power of transformation and manifestation. So if you're ready to embrace change and embark on a journey of self-fulfillment, this set is for you. It will give you the courage to speak your truth, the intuition to trust your decisions, and the wisdom of the divine universe to guide you during your transformation. We believe in you and know that you have what it takes to create a beautiful life for yourself. So go forth with confidence and let the Universe do its thing!

Ocean Me Crazy Crystal Waist Bead Set

PriceFrom $87.20


    • 4 individual elastic waist beads  
    • Silver accents and Charms 
    • Matching anklet 

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