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Introducing our Mermaid Fantasy Crystal Waist Bead Set! If you're looking for a serene and calming energy, this is the set for you. It's perfect for anyone who may need help managing mood swings or reducing stress levels. The crystals in this set are known to raise vibrations and promote mental clarity and peace of mind. In other words, they'll help you see the beauty in your life, hear your inner voice, and open your mind to new possibilities. So if you're feeling frazzled, quick to anger, or battling any type of mental illness, let our Mermaid Fantasy set be your companion. You deserve peace of mind and clarity - and this set can help you get there.

Mermaid Fantasy Crystal Waist Bead Set

PriceFrom $109.00


    • 4 individual elastic waist beads  
    • Silver accents and Charms 
    • Matching anklet