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If you're looking for a waist bead set that will help you rebirth yourself and let go of the past, look no further than the Fire & Desire Crystal Waist Bead Set. This sultry set of waist beads is infused with fiery energy that will purify your heart and help you embrace your new beginnings. The crystals in this set are known for their ability to absorb harmful energy, banish fears and insecurities, and enhance faith and trust in the universe. They also awaken a sense of adventure and change, so you can truly become the confident, fearless person you were meant to be. In addition to all of these amazing benefits, the Fire & Desire Crystal Waist Bead Set also helps promote self-acceptance and self-esteem. So say hello to the new you, the fearless you, the courages you, and the confident you. Try our Fire & Desire set today

Fire & Desire Crystal Waist Bead Set

PriceFrom $71.40


    • 3 individual elastic waist beads  
    • Silver accents and Charms 
    • Matching anklet