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The Mali-Blue Crystal Waist Bead Set is the perfect tool for finding your inner peace, and guiding you towards harmony and manifestation. Inspired by the ancient roots of Malian culture, this set has been carefully crafted to be an empowering amulet of healing, that helps guide you through life as you manifest new dreams and desires and wash away fear, stress and negativity. 


Made to be incredibly calming and soothing, this waist bead set wraps around you with a peaceful hug. It gently reminds you of its enchanting energy each time you wear it, empowering you to manifest your biggest desires through tranquility and understanding. As soon as you slip the beads around your waist, you’ll immediately start feeling calmness wash over you. Instilled with healing crystals to provide solace for any negative feelings or emotions that are weighing on your spirit. It relieves anxiety, stress, tension and anger while lifting depression and fatigue the negative vibrations might bring. 


For anyone seeking peace of mind or true balance in their life - look no further than the Mali-Blue Crystal Waist Bead Set! This unique combination of crystals has been specially chosen to grant insight, protection, tranquility and joy - receiving strength from its connecting with our ancient African ancestors whilst helping us rise up above fear towards happiness. Rewrite your story through serenity and awaken in a state of harmony free from whatever has been blocking your growth so far. 


Embrace your inner goddess with powerful clarity - all thanks to each Malabue Crystal Waist bead strung together just for you!


PriceFrom $119.00


    • Calming and soothing, lifts depression and fatigue.
    • Helps manifest desires
    • Helps restore balance & harmony in your life
    • Protects you from negative energy 
    • Purifies your energy 

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