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We are so excited to introduce our new Blue Lagoon Crystal Waist Bead Set! This set is absolutely gorgeous and comes with three individual waist beads. The energy of this set is calm like the ocean and warm like the sun. It is the perfect set for someone who is looking towards brighter days and just wants to surround themselves with peace on their journey.


The beautiful turquoise stones in this set provide a purifying energy that clears the mind, promotes self-realization, and aids in creative problem-solving. This is an incredibly powerful combination that can benefit the overall mood and emotions by balancing and inducing a sense of serenity and peace. Pairing this energy with the warm embrace of carnelian, which holds the powerful creative energy of rebirth, will help you manifest with a clear mind the new beginning you are seeking.


This waist bead set is truly magical and we know you will love it!

Blue Lagoon Crystal Waist Bead Set

PriceFrom $69.70


  • This set includes

    • 3 elastic waist beads on separate clasp 
    • Gold accents and Charms