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How to measure for waist beads

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Want waist beads but not sure how to measure? We got you covered! Read below for detailed instructions on how to measure your waist.

1. Grab a fabric tape measure

Grab a fabric tape measure from your local store (Walmart, Michaels, Dollar Tree etc.)

2. Locate your natural waistline

You can locate your natural waistline in one of two easy ways.

  • Technique 1: Using the tape measure, measure approximately 1 inch above your navel. Use something semipermanent and safe for your skin to mark that location. That is your natural waistline

  • Technique 2: Standing up straight, arms lying flat by your sides slightly bend to the side. Where your torso naturally creases is your natural waistline.

3. Wrap tape measure

After you have located your natural waistline, take the fabric tape measure inches facing outward, and wrap it flat around your natural waistline. Wherever the tape measure overlaps first will be your waist measurement.

Keep in mind if you wish for your waist beads to sit lower on your body than the photo displayed below then locate where you would like your waist beads to sit on your body and proceed to step 3. There is no right or wrong place to wear your beads its whatever makes you feel confident.

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